Collaboration and Collective Action

People working together is back in fashion. I’ve heard about smart mobs a few years ago, but the latest seems to be collaboration and collective action. In short, people working together to achieve a common goal.

It would be nice to have someone I could call on for help with some of the stuff that piles up so easily. But, in most cases I couldn’t expect someone else to know what my plans, standards and goals are. I think working in a group takes someone with a lot of organizing to get things going and keep them from stalling somewhere along the way. Would that be someone you could be? Then there’s probably a job for you out there among the people involved with collaboration, collective activities and so on.

Collective action is the pursuit of a goal or set of goals by more than one person. It is a term which has formulations and theories in many areas of the social sciences.

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A smart mob is a group that, contrary to the usual connotations of a mob, behaves intelligently or efficiently because of its exponentially increasing network links. This network enables people to connect to information and others, allowing a form of social coordination.

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