Coffee Games

If I wasn’t some crazy old woman sitting alone at her keyboard, I would be having one of those late night chats about life, the universe and everything tonight. It’s that kind of night. My eyeballs are kind of dried out from reading the screen most of the day. But, my brain is still in the ‘on’ mode for thinking.

But, I am a crazy old women (no cats yet) and I am alone at my keyboard. My bed is right behind me, the nightgown tossed on top awhile ago when I realized it was later than I thought. I’m really being kept propped up by coffee alone. I’m drinking a Breakfast blend by Nabob. Don’t rush out to the store, it’s only an ok coffee. My favourites are those rich, smooth blends from The Second Cup, Williams Coffee Pub and etc. Right now they are beginning to have the Christmas coffees. Gingerbread is the best. If you get it too many times it loses something though. The very first cup of the season is always the best. I do like the Vanilla or Mocha coffees too. I had a mochachino this week, half coffee and half hot chocolate. It was good until I got down to the bottom of the cup and it had all that sludge stuff. Icky. Spoiled it for me.

What’s your poison this evening? Or are you not a lunatic spinster, were you more normal and in bed before the stroke of midnight? As a Witch type person I often feel some responsibility to be up at midnight, The Witching Hour. Just keeping everyone on their toes, making it authentic, and so on.

My cup is empty now. My eyes are playing tricks on me, making me think I’m typing in my sleep. Silly of them. Good night web world.

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