Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath from Dried Floral Shop. I’d like one of these to stick on the door. On the inside so you could add some herbs to dry in there as well and have all that fragance inside the house all winter long. I found this while looking for Christmas roses, also known as Lenton rose and other names which I can’t think of right now. I usually know the latin-type thing but just can’t pull it out of my brain at the moment.

It is freezing here today. The sun was out for awhile and I had hopes… but they are crushed now. The wind is howling and it began to snow again. At first it was those bigger flakes but it soon became that icy sharp kind of snow that stings when it brushes your face. So, I am quite liking the idea of taking a taxi into work today. Plus, I won’t have to leave as early. Soon though, like 10 minutes.

See you tonight, early tomorrow.

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