Christmas Day… I’m Remembering

For me, as a Witch, most holidays are about nature, traditions and remembering. It’s a little after midnight, now the day of Christmas. I’m remembering my family who are dead and thus unavailable to be here for the holidays. At least not in the flesh, capable of enjoying the wine, exchanging presents and all of those physical/ commerical type things.

Here is my list of names:

Alice McRoberts
Emma Garner
Birdie Scherle
Edith Brown
Alec Brown
Sally Harle
Violet Scherle
William Scherle
Ian Noel Brown
The baby who was never born
and the other relatives I didn’t really have enough time to get to know.

I used to write letters to penpals from around the world and my older family members too. I don’t do that any longer, there is no one left to write to. My Dad was the last one to die from that list.

So, I would like people who are in the midst of petty, trivial and silly family squabbles today or over this past week, to get over it. Realize you are making mole hills into mountains and to anyone watching from your version of an afterlife, you look like you are wasting time and being childish.

We only have so much time. You can’t buy more, you can’t reset the switch and go back to start again. Once the time is gone, it’s gone forever. Don’t waste the time you have with the people you care about, including yourself. Don’t let yourelf be small and petty. Get a life, your own life and enjoy the season for what it is, traditions, a celebration of life and the last few days of the old year.

Spare a few moments for the empty spaces at your Christmas dinner table, the people who are not there. Go with the Irish custom and set a place for each of them, at the big table or give them a table of their own on the side.

Seasons Greetings

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