Chat with Xena, Warrior Princess

So nice to settle in front of the TV and just watch whatever stuff happens to come along, some days. But something really silly comes on so you are finally forced to get out of your stupor and change the channel. You find… Xena, Warrior Princess. Gee, it’s been years since you last watched Xena. So you leave it on, partially to reminisce.

All at once, as Xena is right in the middle of some serious sword wielding, you are literally drawn into the story. In your hand is a sword and there’s a brutal and dirty looking guy approaching you with a less than polite and friendly look on his face. Somehow you know how to use that sword- could you really have picked up that much just from watching Xena?

At the end of the battle just yourself and Xena are left standing. She thanks you for your help and gets ready to move along. Gabrielle is bringing over the horse. But you stop her… does she have time for a chat? What would you talk to Xena about?

Yes, I know it’s fictional character, but she makes it look so real. 😉

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