Changing, Choosing and Deciding

I’ve been off kilter for a few months. I stopped writing here awhile but I know I don’t want to stop writing Word Grrls. Instead I need to change my focus, choose something that works better for me and decide what I can maintain as myself rather than trying to be what other people claim a blog or site should be. I’ve never liked following the pack. Likely trying to do just that has caused me to feel less creative, happy and fulfilled. Burnt out, in short. (I know that’s a sentence fragment, sometimes you just have to ignore a little rule to show the message. Communication isn’t an exact science.)

I don’t know quite where I am going. I will be working on finishing up a lot of post ideas which I have half started and floundering around in my draft posts. I like my current tagline. It says a lot about how I’m feeling about web publishing these days. But, it may change.

No promises – other than those I make to myself.

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