Changes and Chaos

I think someday someone is going to invent something, the ultimate writers tool, which will let you send your thoughts directly to the word processor. My brain goes a kilometre a second and before I can even make a quick note the next batch of thoughts are crowding out whatever was there a second ago. As I waited for the blog to load I lost track of three ideas I thought I would start out with.

Anyway, onto the news. I am cancelling the freebie AOL tomorrow. My Mom says she was charged for somethings during her free time with them and I should make sure they are not doing the same to me. Especially since I am not yet gainfully employed yet. I have put a new ISP on the same credit/ debit card and I don’t want it sucked dry by AOL since that was the divorce settlement money. Oh how I love having money to spend though. I have tried not to go crazy and have a real shopping spree but I did buy a few mostly practical things. One being a book at Chapters, a guide to Canadian writers markets. Its actually called “The Canadian Writer’s Market”. See? Isn’t that really practical of me? I would have bought the CGI/Perl book I found on Amazon but it wasn’t on the shelf at the time. The Canadian Writers book isn’t very up to date though, it still has InkSpot listed (more than once even) as a resource for writers. Sadly, InkSpot is no longer with us. From what I last heard it may yet arise from its ashes. That would be great. This time I would ignore all the voices and sign up as a writer for the site.

Anyway, back to my portion of reality. I love magazines. Is there a club for magazine addicts? I bought over half a dozen magazines in the past two weeks or less. True, I do want to aim for those markets but still seems like a lot of money spent on a few glossy pages. At least now I can take advantage of some of the graphics and what not with the new scanner.

I am signed up with Sympatico now, as my ISP. It bothers me slightly that they are joined with Bell Canada, a massive corporation, not well known for caring about the little guy. But, I personally have never had any trouble with Bell before. Sympatico looks interesting, better than iPrimus who swallowed up GlobalServe. I would have gone with GlobalServe again if they still existed. Once I wrote to one of the owners and heard back that he was a Pagan too. How nice was that! Made me really want to stick with GlobalServe as my ISP. I would have too if I hadn’t moved to the US about 5 years ago.

I would like to put in time at Dmoz tonight. I am editing in Travelogues, Weblogs and Writers Resources – all of which need work. Writers Resources is doing ok but for the Contests category which has an active editor who seems to leave everything sitting in unreviewed for ages. Maybe he/ she has delete phobia? I don’t know, but it bugs me to see over 50 unrevieweds when I have just updated the whole Writers Resources category, at least all the areas without active editors.

I want to get BackWash updated tonight too. A lot to do and not much time. Zack is sleeping over tonight and I can be sure he will be waking me up at 6:am. He loves his Auntie and I love him too. 🙂 Stay tuned for pictures once I get time to load them on the site. Have scanner will scan. 😉

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