Change of Place

When you’re feeling stuck, not finding anything new or interesting to write about, pick a new location to write from. The neighborhood coffee shop, the local gathering spot for breakfast, your public library, the bus or train station, traveling on the bus itself, the park, pretty much any place you can park yourself for an hour and not get your laptop or pen and paper wet will work. Try a few and see what works for you.

There are endless options if you don’t even need to run on electronics at all. Bring an old fashioned notepad and pen and just write notes, ideas as they come to you. Just make notes you can decipher later if your hand starts to cramp. It’s funny how we have become such typists versus traditional long handed writing.

A new location can inspire you in great ways. It works well for me. My favourite is the mega bookstore andcoffee shop. First I wander around and look at what’s new in the world of coffee, new flavours, new designs and logos on the mugs. Then I pick my latte. I might bring it along to look at books. (I’m very careful and very conscious of the fact that I have brought a loaded weapon into the world of crisp, fresh, white pages. I browse slowly and find a safe shelf space to park my latte any time I want to look at a book). I write down URLs which I find in magazines and from the authors of books that interest me.

Then, back at a table to pull out my old dog-earred notebook and write. By the time I actually sit down I have several ideas percolating. I have to write quick notes before I lose track of them all. Sometimes they even begin to merge and that creates all new ideas and possibilities,

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