Centsless Grrl

I am back again. Took off to Newmarket for a few days. Some babysitting. Took a bag of books to the Newmarket used bookstore but they couldn’t take the non-fiction until the end of the month when they are able to get the store owner’s approval on them. That seems to happen most of the time I take books there. The paperbacks were all fine. Only a couple they chose not to accept. That was nice cause it gave me enough store credit to pick up 5 paperbacks in the Sherrilyn Kenyon series which I’ve been getting very much into.

People are coming to look at the house, with the idea of buying the whole thing not just renting the upstairs this time. So I should gussy up things and give the floor another wash. I keep putting it off. I just got home an hour ago and I’m really tired from not sleeping much and my hands are kind of shaky from not eating anything so far today. I’m going to cook up a chicken breast once the house lookers have gone through. They are due any time from 5 to 6:00 tonight.

I saw the best place for some photos tomorrow. I was walking into the stairway for the Museum subway stop, I don’t know just which street I was dropped off at though. But, there were two old houses which had all the windows boarded up in order to be heavily renovated or totally knocked down. I don’t know which. I didn’t get a really good look but I’m planning to get there tomorrow with my camera batteries fully charged. Luckily I have the bus pass for the month cause I am really out of funds otherwise.

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