Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Cars in Barns Are Barn Finds

This is the post I wrote about old cars being found in even older barns, for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, January 2023.

Cars in Barns Are “Barn Finds”

I like to photograph old buildings, farm houses and barns included. I’ve met a lot of people who also have an interest in old places. Not everyone is about photographing them.… Read the rest

Micro Cars

There are small cars and then there are micro cars. Not so easy to find in Ontario. You would have better luck in Europe and Asia than North America. Some of the cars have only 3 wheels. One of my favourites is the BMW Isetta. It opens from the front, where the engine hood would be in most cars, the front door is to enter the car with the Isetta.… Read the rest

For Sale in Montreal, a Purple Smartie Car

I know it’s not intended to look like a purple Smartie (candy in Canada) but it does. Pretty fancy and almost a million dollars to buy this Lamborghini. If you were homeless with this car you would need to get a storage until to park it in and live in yourself. It would be a shame to live in the car itself and have it looking worn and messy.… Read the rest


Today LilFunky, my current blog tenant, is writing about unicycling.

Have you ever seen anyone on a unicycle outside of a magician or circus performer? I have. When I lived in the Rouge one of the older boys on our street had a unicycle. I thought it was amazing. Any time I noticed him out there I would be watching from the front steps, driveway or the big window in the dining room of our house.… Read the rest