Never Seen Again, in Ontario?

The words “never seen again” are the creepiest phrase I’ve ever heard. They show up in childhood fantasy tales, as well as horror stories. So any story, fiction or fact, with those words haunts me. They are creepy and fascinating and a mystery usually not solved. I’ve heard stories, reports and tall tales about people … Read more

Doppelgangers and Seeing Yourself Reflected in the Mirror

Hearing about doppelgangers (someone who looks like you, a twin stranger) is less creepy than it would have been long ago. There are so many more people on the planet now, it doesn’t seem so dramatic to see someone else who looks like you. I’ve been more creeped out looking at myself in the mirror. … Read more

Could Ontario Have Lake Monsters?

Few people haven’t heard and considered an opinion about the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. So far there isn’t any concrete evidence, not enough that I fully believe there is something in that very deep lake. But, I don’t not believe either. After all, why couldn’t there be something not yet found or not yet … Read more