Claddagh for Romance

From Integrity Jewelers – This 14kt yellow gold diamond claddagh pendant is a perfect gift to resemble your friendship, royalty, and love to someone. It contains ten diamonds with a total weight of .05cts. Huge Celtic Claddagh Cloak or Kilt Sterling Silver Pin Brooch by Maxine Miller

Grey Can Be Pretty Too

We think of grey as a gloomy colour, for sad things, rainy days. But, grey is a darker shade of silver and grey is pretty too. This grey flower comes from the Etsy shop, Vivitoo. I also found a crocheted floral necklace in grey in the same shop. I don’t know why the chain is … Read more

Flower Tree

The Flower Tree sounds like it should be the name of one of those soap and beauty shops like Soapberry, a long gone Canadian chain which once competed with The Body Shop. But, this flower tree is a brooch I noticed on Glamour Kitten. Do you like to get scented soaps and shampoos from places … Read more

Wear a Corsage on your Finger

From Kate Spade, crystal corsage necklace and ring. There are other necklaces, rings and earrings which have a simpler pattern with single flowers. I liked these cause I think of a corsage as being a collection of flowers, a bouquet. So nice to have a bouquet that you can keep without having to water it or ever … Read more

Wish You Were Here

This comes from Kate Spade, a postcard on a bangle. I like the idea. Makes you want to travel. Where would you go if you really could go anywhere? If money, language, time. confidence or anything else was not getting in your way? I’d go to a fancy hotel in Moscow. I’d start there with … Read more

Pearl Flowers

I found these on a site called YouPearl.  Each of these flower designs come in black, white, pink or lavender. Some of the jewelry on this site used gold pearls which I thought were really antique looking. There weren’t many of them and none in a design I especially liked.

Not Just for Brides

I posted about these brooches made into bouquets for weddings on my other blog. I found them being called brooch bouquets, this one was called a blooming brooch.  But, really why should they just be for weddings? They are gorgeous and would be a nice project, something to do with a brooch collection if you … Read more