Working in a Library at a University

I like looking at job requirements in the communications industry. This one was posted for a university in Ontario, a non-student position.

•Grade 12 diploma
•Recent college or university graduate (asset)
•One, up to two years, in a related public-service position;
•Demonstrated proficiency in typing and in the use of a computer;
•Ability to deal with the public in a courteous and professional manner;
•Ability to work fluently, orally and in writing, in both official languages, French and English.

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Thumb Typers

thumb typers

The keyboard seems to be the easiest way to type so far. Maybe we haven’t advanced all that far from the old fashioned typewriter.

Love Letter Writers

love letter writers
I was a letter writer until my last older relative died, the Grandmothers and their sisters. I did write to my Grandfather sometimes but it was mainly the women who wrote back and gave me more reason to write back. It is much easier to reply to something in a letter than to break out fresh inspiration each time all by yourself.… Read the rest

Goals Like Jigsaw Puzzles

It’s not easy coming up with a goal when someone asks you what your goal is. Unless you recently decided on a goal and feel good about it, goals change and need to be updated. Some goals seem too far into the future, too hard to attain or just not reasonable for whatever reasons. Even a goal you don’t think you can try for, is still a goal of sorts.… Read the rest

How to be a Good Listener

Communication needs to be more than one direction, one person can speak but without being heard there is no real communication. (Unless you settle for talking to yourself). For communication you need a voice, you need to be heard and you need feedback to prove you were heard, as your message was intended. In the middle of communication is listening.… Read the rest

You are Who you Read

last character in a bookI found this on Facebook. Since then I’ve seen it twice more. The main character in the book I last finished was Pippa Rede. (In the Land of Winter, by Richard Grant).