Will You Be Allowed to Vote?

Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. I already voted, early. Tonight I’m wondering, in this new democracy where people are allowed to make one choice only, call it coerced, whatever word you like. Will this be our last election?

First, I thought about future elections requiring a vaccine passport. Only those who have been vaccinated several times (with “the vaccine” not all those other vaccines, they just don’t count now) will be allowed to vote.… Read the rest

A Little Boy Wants to Wear a Tutu

I am not tolerant of the transgender thing popular these days, especially when it is applied to children. To me this is like child molesting, adults controlling and using a child sexually. Children are easily led, their opinions and ideals are easily created for them. A child looks to it’s parents for their reactions to decide what their own reactions should be.… Read the rest