Stop Getting Red Marks on Your Nose From Glasses

For the Girls Who Wear Glasses and Get Sore Noses from Them

I’m in the process of ordering new glasses so it’s a funny time for the current eyeglasses to start giving me a problem. But, since getting the eye tests done, I’ve been getting red marks on the bridge of my nose from the plastic bits (nose pad, nose pieces, nose guard?)… Read the rest

Pierced for Frameless Eyeglasses


It is a good idea. An option for people who don’t want to wear contact lenses on their eyeball but don’t like the frames of eyeglasses on their face either. Still, I feel squicked at the idea of having my face (other than ear lobes) pierced. So, as good as it could be for some people… I won’t be trading in my eyeglasses, with frames.… Read the rest

Looking for New Eyeglasses


I found this frame listed on the LensCrafter website. I’m so fed up with the eyeglasses I bought at a little shop in town, the nose piece keeps breaking and I can’t see any better because the frame keeps getting loose, or something. I had a blue frame ages ago, so that is a big selling feature with this one.