Casselman Motel Fire on Sunday Night

On Sunday night, as we traveled back from Montreal, we stopped at a motel in the town of Casselman, Ontario. It was a pretty good rate and had fast food places attached to the motel. Very convenient for the morning coffee we thought. We went out into town for dinner. Then came back to watch the Olympics on TV and get to sleep. Sometime after midnight there was a lot of loud knocking on the door. When I answered it was the motel/ gas station night manager telling us, “Sorry to wake you but there is a fire in the building, everyone needs to get out”.

We got out. I pulled together everything I could see or think of. Thought I had it all. Anyway, we got out and decided to wait in the car, in our nightgowns with pants pulled on underneath. We waited a long time to find out what was next. The night manager sent someone to find out if everyone could stay at the Bed and Breakfast in town but no one was answering the door there. My Mom and I ended up going to the Tim Hortons just over the highway and getting coffee. I was really tired but she said she was fine. We drove awhile but the first place we found was not very nice looking. As it ended up we stayed all the way back in Ottawa again, a very nice place. But did not get there until just before 3:00 am. Both of us worn out and still smoky then. The smoke is still in the car and on the clothes we were wearing.

Quite an adventure for our road trip.

We are still trying to get a hold of the motel owner, Dennis, to get the money returned on the credit card for that night. No luck today. We only got home really late last night so could not do much about it until this morning.

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