Carmageddon Game Grrl

I’m still looking for Carmageddon. InterPlay has written it off, so why haven’t more of the abandonware sites picked it up? Underdog just sends you to Sci Games to order it. But, there are none to be ordered.

Doesn’t someone have a nice CD with Carmageddon for me? Ideally #1 and #3 but #3 would be just ducky all on it’s own. EA Games said (if they had one in) it would be selling for $6.00. Still irks me that WalMart had one but it was going for over $50.00. Maybe I’ll go back down there and see if they’ve put it on sale now that Christmas is over. I thought about getting a price quote from EA Games and taking it to WalMart as a real test of their price match policy. With my luck, they will be all out of Carmageddon anyway. Why is one old game so hard to find? Why didn’t I just buy it a year ago when I was in the US and EA Games had plenty of them in stock.

Woe is me, the game grrl who waited too long for the sale. *sigh*

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