Caramel Tea

I’m not a real tea drinker, sometimes I like Earl Grey or something herbal and interesting. Today I came home with Lipton’s Caramel Twist tea. I’ve got it brewing. Isn’t brewing a coffee word though. I know they brew beer but do they really brew tea too? It just doesn’t seem like a real, official brewing situation. Tea soaks, it doesn’t really get brewed. Maybe that’s why I have never been a real tea person. That water just doesn’t get pushed around enough during the tea making process.

The Caramel tea has a sweet caramel smell. In the store I tried to smell through the cellophane, no luck. I wondered what kind of caramel it would be. I love a caramel flavoured coffee, it’s smooth and mellow, one of the best kinds out there (according to me). This caramel tea doesn’t have that smooth, mellow smell. It’s making me think of those Kraft caramel candies a lot more than a real caramel taste. I don’t think it smells like the caramel you make at home by cooking sugar.

It tastes ok though. Unique, not an Earl Grey experience. But I think it will grow on me.

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