Canadian Tire has my Shoes and Desk

I really like those shoes. I bought one pair at Canadian Tire last year and they are lasting well. I especially like that they are open toed without being completely open. I wore these on a few rural explorations, relying on them to keep me safe from weeds and debris on the sites of abandoned houses. Not the smartest thing I’ve done but most of my trips for photos were not exactly planned, let alone planned well.

The other photo is almost exactly like the computer desk I am using. My desk came from a GoodWill shop in Newmarket. The desk I have is great. But it has the spoke things at the back which get in the way of plugs and cables on the back of the computer. I am thinking to get another desk. Maybe. My Mom will need a desk for her computer when we move after all and she won’t care about what goes on behind it. She doesn’t play with her PC, just checks email.

Anyway, my brother is supposed to be coming out here sometime tomorrow and going to Canadian Tire so I can get a lift with him and at least pick up another pair of the shoes. They are so great for summer footwear. I didn’t wear anything else all last summer. Though my sister Grace, the downtown grrl, laughs at them. I saw 22 Minutes poking fun at them too. But that’s just being snobby to spite themselves. The shoes are great, light weight and airy for summer. I love finding new colours too. So far I have two shades of blue and one light pink pair.

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