Canadian Themed Teacup and Saucer Collection

fromseatosea1Today I found the second of these Canadian series of bone china teacups and saucers. I love to have something nice, sort of romantic and traditional and Canadian too.

But, I’ve learned to be less casual about what I bring home as a collection of anything. If a collection does nothing but gather dust bunnies, unseen by human eyes most of the year… why do you really keep it around? The dust bunnies don’t lack for entertainment.

Think of something you have collected but never use, almost never see and could really do without. Bring your collection out where you can see it. Clean and dust it off, make it look presentable again. Then take some photographs of it all. Take close ups of patterns and details you like. Take far off shots to include the whole set. Take as many photographs as you want, all the photos you need to remember your collection and the reasons you valued it.

ouremblemsdear1Now write about why you should keep the collection or how it’s time you let it go and gave yourself the space, removed clutter from your life. Write for and against keeping it. Debate with yourself and be fair to both sides of the argument. When you’ve finished writing the debate either keep the collection displayed where you can see it and enjoy it or find a new home for it. Most things can be donated to a local charity where they can be auctioned off or sold to someone else who will treasure and value them.


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