Can You Go a Day Without a Cell Phone, or are you Addicted?

notaphoneboothCell phones have their place. When they first came out people bought them to have for emergencies. They are still good for that reason. But, they are dangerous too. Not the phones, but the way people use them and the time they choose to use them.

I’m anti-cell phone, mostly because it’s a bit lonely in a world full of people who seem to talk to imaginary friends – people who text but can’t spell.

People are addicted to their cell phones.

  • People are driving while texting and causing (or being in) accidents. New rules for the road have been created due to cell phone use and abuse.
  • Real communication is being lost. Instead of real, social interaction people are choosing to act like hermits, living inside their phone, ignoring people right in front of them, face to face.
  • Non face to face communication leaves people feeling less connected. Less concern for consequences and less care for others makes it easy to abuse phone or Internet communications. Bullying and minors ‘sexting’ (or creating and sharing porn) are bigger problems.
  • Cell phones are not reusable. They cause more garbage as they are continually being replaced rather than fixed or upgraded for the next, best thing.
  • Cell phone addicts are prone to withdrawal if they are without their phone. Then there is nomophobia – the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. People suffering withdrawal are more likely to have other unsocial behaviours, like road rage, or pick up other unhealthy habits, like smoking or over eating.

I Don’t Want a Cell Phone

I don’t own a cell phone. I had one for a week and returned it to the Bell store. I never used it and I really didn’t want anyone phoning me any time day or night. I like the land line. I like to ignore the phone. I listen to the caller, in case Timmy fell down a well, but I don’t answer it.

I’m coming to really dislike cell phones. I go to work and sit at a table with co-workers at lunch. Everyone is talking… to their phone. They share jokes that no one else can really see because the screen is too small or has a glare from the lights. I pretend to laugh. I bring a book to work now. I sit at the table in the middle of all that conversation and I read. I ignore them all just as they ignore me. It’s weird how no one wants to talk to people actually there. Cell phone is the latest unsocial medium.

I take the bus and hear people on the phone, telling their caller which bus stop they are at and estimating the time it will take them to arrive where ever they are going. They talk about their day, they swear and curse at each other and have fights while on the bus. All conversation they could have been having at home, together, face to face. I would much rather they shut their phone off so I could enjoy the peace and quiet of the bus. But, no… they have a phone attached to them like an umbilical cord and they can’t stop.

Cell Phone Addiction

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