Camel Case

You see it in titles and names like WordPress and WikiLeaks. These are words which have the specialty of not being the usual lower or upper case. These words have more than one initial capital letter. Not lovingly accepted by Grammarians and dictionaries, yet. Still, a proper name for a company/ business should be spelled correctly, the way the company itself spells it out on their business cards, website headers and so on. Thus we get camel case.

I don’t 100% agree with it, or feel comfortable using it. I tend to split the name of this blog into two words versus typing it out as WordGrrls. What do you think about the issue of camel case?

I first read the term ‘camel case’ on Terribly Write. I knew about spelling words this way but had not heard the name for it before then.

See also: NYTimes: Against Camel Case

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