Brittany’s Little Letters

First, take a look at the original post on Brittany’s blog – Not Your Everyday SuperGoddess.

Dear Adam’s sweatshirt,
Where are you? It is cold in the mornings and I miss your warmth.

Dear Cinnamon Bun Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream,
Where have you been all my life?

Dear Sarah,
Could you not lick your paws all night long while I am trying to sleep? The noise is cringe worthy.

What Little Letter(s) will you write?

Dear Calendar for 2009,

Why are you in such a rush? Slow down, smell some roses and let me feel I’ve still got time to smell a few too.

Dear Zellers Computer,

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a minor error and used a minus instead of a plus on my statement this month? Just for fun.

Dear Gordon Ramsey,

Why do you swear and belittle people so much on your TV shows made for the US? The UK shows aren’t nearly as bad. The F Word is a lot easier to watch than Hell’s Kitchen ever was.

There are three from me. Let’s see yours!

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