Bonzi Buddy Invasion

I’ve updated my AdAware. LavaSoft’s freeware spy catcher software. It works great. Much better than the old version I’ve had for ages. It just occured to me to check for an update. The new version got rid of a lot of stuff, mostly left from Alexa, that the old version of AdAware didn’t catch.

PS- Snood is working fine now but it did automatically install that damn Bonzi Buddy on my computer. No screen to ask if it was ok first. I just opened my menu and there it was. It was all over the computer too. Very invasive. Very poor of the Snood people to do that. Makes me angry really. They want you to pay for their game but they stick you with invasive software that takes another program to get rid of it. At least I hope it’s all gone. How can you really be sure? I haven’t yet done a registry search but AdAware seemed to be pretty thorough in it’s own search of the registry so I’m leaving it for now.

Anyway, BOOO to Snood. I wouldn’t pay for it after this. I do like the game but I don’t want to support a company that supports Bonzi Buddy. Makes you wonder about the Snood program itself.

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