BlogTalkers #49

From BlogTalkers:

Motivated by the fear of harassment claims, many companies now prohibit men and women from meeting one-on-one inside of offices or conference rooms that do not have a window to an outside hallway or area where others can see into the room. What do you think about that? Good move because it protects everyone involved, or an unwarranted overreaction driven by nothing more than overreaching morals and fear?

Kind of a nice swing back to old fashioned respect for each other I think. Part of me thinks it is silly that men can’t be expected to behave. After all, why should women be kept in quarantine just because we are female.

Yet, men have proven that only some of them do have control over their own morals. So, maybe a throw back to old fashioned ways is not a bad idea. We already keep children confined to school buses and getting rides to and from school. We don’t let them go out on their own as easily as we once would have. That is interesting as the old fashioned way was not to think much about what the kids were doing, their safety.

Anyway, I’m kind of undecided and yet I can see that it might have a good point. It might bring back more old fashioned traditions.

Anything is possible.

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