Blogs4Life: Not Really

Blogs4Life? Lets all think about pink fluffy bunnies for a moment. A few blue fluffie bunnies come in and play with the pink fluffy bunnies and hijinks ensue. The pink fluffy bunnies are loaded with baby, several, as bunnies tend to be productive. Now the pink fluffy bunny does not want to explode with baby dust bunnies. So for her reasons she decides not to make this choice for herself and her body.

However the Association for Baby Dust Bunnies says she is a murderer if she chooses not to explode herself. They want to force her (or make her feel like pond scum) to explode with multiple baby dust bunnies. The ABDB thinks of the baby dust bunnies, who are just dust at this point. They do not think of the pink fluffy bunny herself. Why doesn’t she matter? Isn’t she alive, more alive than dust?

I don’t like the pro life movement cause they cause mutilation and death (due to bunnies trying the self vacuum method), bomb clinics, make women feel like rabid pond scum and generally do not care about a woman having choices and the ability to decide what she wants to do for her life, her body and whatever develops within her body. Is an unwanted baby dust bunny happy, does being unwanted create a better life for the dust bunny or the pink fluffy bunny who did not want a pack of dust bunnies underfoot?

I also think she should have a choice and not be required to inform any blue fluffie bunnies. If they want choices they should choose to just say no in the first place. What was so freely given can not be taken back so easily. Any other options do not exist. No pink fluffy bunny should be told what she can or can not do with her body. The ABDB can byte me.

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