Blog Talkers: My Imaginary Life

Blog Talkers: My imaginary life.

I have several imaginary lives. I daydream about them often when I have time to just think about nothing much. Most often I’m attending some glamourous function with Keanu Reeves or some other tall, dark and interesting creature. I design my own gown for these events. That’s even more fun than thinking about Keanu.

If I have time still after the gown is designed I make a whole scenario. Sometimes there are children and sometimes there are babysitters or no children at all. I’m not a crazy stalker but I have read and heard a few things about Keanu. Having it all based on some reality is more interesting than just a talking to myself kind of daydream, imaginary life.

Keanu is sweet, romantic, a great kisser (not one of those loose lipped slobbery types). He enjoys conversation as well as holding hands, stroking my back and brushing my hair. He also likes going places: the bookstore, the local festival/ event, spontaneous road trips, flea markets, the bedroom. Sometimes we travel on his motorbike. Sometimes we just walk around.

In all of these adventures I am slim and my hair is not at all frizzy. It’s so nice to have imaginary great hair along with the imaginary great size 10 or whatever it is.

Not that Keanu is essential in all of my imaginary lives. He just seems to suit me, the version of him I have created: the romantic musician and hockey playing biker dude. A nice guy but not stupidly nice, a little bad boy makes it all more interesting. Just as I only seem nice, inside I am deviously taking over the world, all polite and unsuspected.

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