Blog Talkers: Love

Blog Talkers: Talking about Love

Love. What does love mean to you? Do you feel like you have found love? Are you still looking? Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not? Why do you think people try so hard to find love?

Love is something you build over time and being together and caring about someone. I think there is love at first sight between family members, a new baby and parents. I don’t believe that really happens between two people. It might seem that way. But love is deeper than lust or affection. I love my family, in spite of good and bad in the past. I love them for all sorts of reasons. I can be furious with them and still love them. The love is not a part of whatever is going on in the present. It’s deeper. I don’t understand how Mothers and daughters, sons and Fathers and sisters and brothers can not speak to each other for years over some trivial thing. It seems a very shallow and selfish and extremely silly thing to me.

I’ve never been in love, I thought I was. I was married and then divorced from a man who said he loved me. I met others who said the same but had no trouble leaving me over small things. Love is a word misused, abused and thrown around when a guy wants sex, not love. I want a lot more than sex. I can have sex without a man in the room. As good as I am at that you’d think I’d love myself more. I’m working on it, the loving myself part.

I do think that you have to at least be working at loving yourself before someone else can love you too. How can you trust someone who says they love you unless you see yourself as someone who can be loved?

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