Blog Talkers: Heart

From Blog Talkers: Heart. What is close to your heart? Does heart disease run in your family? Would you say your heart is in good shape? Would you ever consider donating your heart after passing away? Why or why not?

I’m keeping my heart packed away in tin foil. It’s been battered, bruised and broken enough for awhile. Not that I’m closed off entirely but I’m worn out from trying to be as giving and open as I used to be. A heart needs a few calluses if it’s going to survive.

I would not donate anything if I passed away. I believe in reincarnation as a recycling procress and all of us will be just a body (meat) when we die. Souls or whatever that element is, get passed along to become something else. But, still, I have the feeling that what was me on the outside should stay that way. Worms can feast on my remains but it just seems strange for someone else to be wearing my heart, my eyes, etc. Not a selfish thing just seems that something of me should be left private, not given away to someone else. I would feel very weird about having someone else’s heart. I think I would rather not do that at all.

Have you ever looked at your hand and felt it was not really your hand? I have. It was extremely eerie. Suddenly I couldn’t trust my own hand and it felt detached from the rest of me.

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