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clevergirlscollectiveI picked this up at Clever Girls. I’m not in the US so I didn’t join. But, reading the standards for blogs was interesting. It’s good to see what other people think, what goals they set. Your goals can be different, of course.

As a side note, isn’t it ironic that when they say “about us” they mean US.  A little Canadian snark isn’t a bad thing.

We Are Currently Seeking Bloggers Who:

Are U.S.-based*

Have a clear point of view

Post only original content

We do not accept sites with re-posted content or cut-and-pasted press releases

Post regularly: approximately once/week

Show evidence of readership engagement (comments, active Twitter and Facebook accounts, etc.)

Have been blogging longer than 6 months and receive at least 1,500 monthly pageviews

Devote 50% or more to original (non-sponsored and non-brand-related) content

Have good, clean design. This means blogs:

Are easy to read, both: in layout (original content should be easy to find) and color scheme (light text on dark backgrounds is not preferred)

Load quickly

Have a standard-sized header (approx 1-2.5″)

Are uncluttered

Host a minimum number of animated badges

Have some design elements: of course, not everyone is a designer (and design is subjective!) but preference will be given to blogs that show attention to detail and personality

In addition, blogs must:

Not display egregious typos or grammatical errors

Have 50% or more of the page design devoted to content, versus ads or badges

Use some language (not photos-only) and some visuals (not words-only)

Have comments enabled on most content-driven posts

via Acceptance Guidelines | Clever Girls Collective | Welcome!.

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