Blog Security

Procrastinating Writers wrote about being hacked and so could you… but wouldn’t you rather avoid getting into that situation?


Be prepared by having a back up of your content. Keep your files, blog posts, comments and images in a back up so you can easily get everything back online whether you are hacked, have content lost on your web server for some other reason or an error while upgrading blog software.

Use preventive measures by keeping your software (blog software, plugins, applications and etc) updated and manage your passwords. Use strong passwords, don’t share them with others and change them now and then.

ProBlogger – A post about using WP Database Backup plugin to keep back ups of your WordPress blog.

I am trying LastPass which was recommended in comments on the Procrastinating Writers blog post.

Set new passwords using StrongPasswordGenerator rather than coming up with something you come up with yourself.

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