Blog Book Tour

insplattersasciiA blog book tour is a virtual book promotion done through weblogs and social media.

Bloggers are asked to make posts about the book on tour. The posts usually contain links to the author and a place where the book is available for purchase. Some posts are author interviews, information on the book’s topic or a straight forward book review (if you were able to read it ahead of time). The more creative and interesting the post the more likely it will stand out and give your blog extra promotion through the book tour. Bloggers may get a review copy of the book.

Although the blog tour is not new online it is still a new concept to many writers. You might hire a blog book tour service or do it yourself. As a blogger you can contact the tour services and offer yourself/ your blog to host a tour.

I’ve done it from the side of the blogger, once, in my personal blog. I didn’t have to do very much. Just make sure I had the post ready to go on the right day with all the right links and formatting. The writer did the real work, including approaching me with the idea, offering me ideas to post and making sure I did post something on the day I was scheduled to post.

Blog Book Tour Services:

ARC Tours depend on bloggers reviewing an author review copy (ARC) of the book and then sending it on to the next person/ blogger to review it. This leaves a lot of time between reviews and it is pretty easy for a tour to be blocked when a book fails to appear at the next destination. They are also limited by mailing distance, the cost of shipping the book to international locations. However, partly because of these things, the ARC blog tour is free or fairly cheap for an author to use in promoting their book.

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