Bite Me

Maybe I’m not as odd as I think. Is it possible there is another woman about to turn 40 who has only had sex with one man, about 3 times, in her life? What a sexual deviant I am!

Anyone want a slightly used virgin? Cheap… well, not in quite that way.

I live in my own skin and I assume everyone is like me. That I’m actually less than most people. Yet, I am fairly bright, not less than pretty. (Children don’t run screaming and I’m not horribly disfigured). So what is it about me? Why am I such a freak.

Never mind. I don’t really want to know. To know removes all the options.

By the way, I have had sex (without intercourse with two men) but intercourse only with my ex-husband. At least I’m not a virgin, quite. I should donate myself to a museum.

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