Bejeweled Clocks for January

After the New Years Eve celebrations January becomes kind of a slow month. It doesn’t seem right for the first month of each year.  So, to brighten up January I went on the look out for some dazzling time pieces. Keeping time suits January.

pinkclock1This is a vintage clock with pink rhinestones, created by artist Debbie Del Rosario. Found at Victorian Rose Cottage.

jeweledclock1A jeweled alarm clock from Powder Blue. Design by Lisbeth Dahl.

steampunkwatch1Urban Outfitters has this pretty watch necklace with a bit of steampunk style.

jewelwatch1This colourful watch with precious stones comes from Bertolucci. I found it on a French site.

I didn’t find the clock of my dreams. I had in mind something with a mix of romance, diamonds and the steampunk look. What would you design as the perfect bejeweled clock?

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