Been Bonked

I’ve managed to give myself some odd sort of head injury. I actually did it yesterday but today it began swelling up and it’s sore. Also, I feel a bit like I’m floating around in my skull. Probably not a good thing. So I am staying up all night. Kids think it’s such a treat, makes me laugh cause my nephew Zack always wants to never go to bed.

Anyway, if I last another 2 hours or so I will go out for breakfast. I’m sure I can find something open about 6:00 on Queen Street. Then I will do the grocery thing and come back here. An early day out. I think that should give me enough time to see how this head thing goes. If it falls off I’d say it didn’t go well at all.

I re-started my writer/ publisher blogstrosity thing. Somehow people were able to comment before I even made it show up. Strange…

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