Because We Love Them

This idea was inspired from HappyandBlue2 (Social commentary through sarcasm). His post about Christmas shopping for your man (if you have one tucked away in some cage, closet, where ever you find it handy to keep them).

Think of a sarcastic Christmas gift for the man in your life (or someone else you love, like a lot, or are related to).  The first part is knowing what they really do want. The second part is turning that around to give them what they really want but in a way they never expected.

  • If he wants a big screen TV, give him a big hole in the wall where the TV could fit. If it also happens to be where you wanted a wall removed at some point… all the better.
  • If he wants power tools get him a long extension cord and a small gift card from the hardware store. Include a note listing all the great home repairs he will be able to do now.
  • If he longs for a vacation, you should take one. Where will you go and how long do you think he can look after the kids by himself?

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