Be Your Own Lion Tamer

Some days you have to be your own lion tamer. Be the one who cracks the whip at yourself, even if as you growl menacingly and threaten to scratch your own eyes out. Be brave. Face yourself. Make yourself get to work whether you like it or not.

Pay day is today. Always makes it a bit harder to go in there for the shift. I’d rather be out there spending some of that freshly gathered loot. I want to buy a pair of walking boots for winter wear. I need to return the modem from my old Internet account and call Bell to attempt to get one of those monkeys to fix the account this time (it’s only been since July that I’ve been trying to get the monkeys to fix it). I’d rather take my camera and go out into the wide world, maybe in the general direction of Peterborough this time. Wouldn’t it be much more fun to take photos of old houses and have a road trip today?

Sure it would. That’s why you just have to be your own lion tamer some days. Get yourself doing the things you don’t really want, care or feel like doing.


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