Be Silent About This, Please

I just can’t be silent about this. I hope you won’t either.

As good or important as a cause may be I am getting tired of people who constantly push causes. I don’t have the resources to help every cause and I have to admit I don’t have the interest in doing so either.

Do you also get a little annoyed when you see another post to Facebook or another show on Oprah or Ellen or etc with some cause they want people to champion? It’s fine for celebrities to take up a cause, they have staff, bags of money and people who listen to them. I don’t have much of any of those and I’m tired of being asked to give and give and give.

The quote above came from a post to Facebook by the Ellen Show, about bullying. You are supposed to drop everything and watch a video and then do something I’m sure. I didn’t watch the video. I just felt annoyed. For one thing, unless you go and watch the video you don’t even have one clue what the cause is! That is annoying. Why does the Ellen Show think so little of me that they want to lead me around this way? Someone else did watch the video and happened to post that the cause was bullying. Why did the Ellen Show make this post about marketing as much as about the cause itself? Why push more advertising, marketing hype at me. Are they really interested in the cause or are they just finding new venue to advertise their show and display their power in the media?

It’s not about the cause. Yes, bullying, cancer and etc are bad. But, I am doing my part. I’m not a bully, for one. I feel like I am being bullied, told to give more than I have to give by people who have a lot more to give and aren’t really giving all that much. Who are supporting causes for subtle, underhanded reasons of their own.

Anyway, that is the soap box rant for today. What do you think? Are you feeling over burdened by people who want too much? Are you tired of celebrities with causes?

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