Be Like a Normal Man

Sometimes the email which gets filtered into spam is kind of interesting. Today I had one with the header Be Like a Normal Man. It was interesting that they were selling sex aids for men: viagra and offers to enlarge your penis. Is that what normal men do?

That just leads me to wonder what normal men do when they have consumed so much viagra and had their penis enlarged a bit too much. What happens to normal men when their penis gets too large and hard and it just explodes? I think that would be fairly painful. Plus, how would they use it again? Normal men would all be eunochs. Poor things. Quite literally things, since without a penis don’t they kind of become sex-less.

Soon there won’t be any normal men left. Someone really should mention this whole thing to them before it’s too late. Maybe we can save a few of the abnormal men before they try too hard to be normal.

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