Battling the Alien Mating Dance

Several aliens have landed in your living room. Not the aliens from another country, no, these guys are most definitely from another planet, or three. Once you get over how way out they look with extra sets of eyes, fingers, heads and that purple colour on one guy and the neon blue on another, you wonder why they are here. Sure, odd things like this seem to happen to you all the time, but come on… today is your birthday, couldn’t the weirdness of the world (the universe?) give you one day off a year?

I guess not cause the aliens are all male and each is set on battling to the death to win you so they can take you home to their planet for mating season. Lucky you.

Although one of the aliens is kind of attractive in a spacey way… you really did have a different plan for husband/ mating material. So now you have to trick the aliens into thinking you aren’t really at home, even though they have all seen you. Surely you can fool a pack of guys who have never been to your planet before?… Think! Quick!

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