Barbie’s Feet

This morning I woke up early, got out of bed, had a shower, made coffee, washed a few dishes and now I’m sitting here comfortable in a nightgown, thick socks and housecoat while my hair dries. Barbie can’t do most of that. Why, you may wonder. We all know about her figure problems. But, have you considered her feet?

I wrote this for the Feminist’s in Make up community at BackWash. I’m not sure if anyone read it. So I’m sticking it here, cause I kind of liked it. Nothing fancy, just one of those ideas you get as you’re doing something else.

My old Barbie clone, the Barbie’s I see at the stores and the really old Barbie I used to have, spend their lives on tip toes. The feet are made to fit high heels. How does the woman ever feel comfortable in snuggly socks? How does she ever play sports?

I know they make a horse for her to ride, how does she do that in heels? Driving in heels isn’t as easy as driving in flat shoes either. Is it ok for Barbie to be a dangerous driver just for fashion or whatever reason women wear shoes that wreck their feet?

Mostly though, Barbie can’t just get out of bed and walk around barefoot until she finds her comfy socks. She can’t wander around her home, half awake, in the dark. You try doing that on tip toes! Stub a toe and you won’t get too far. She can’t enjoy feeling comfortable. It’s not fair. The poor girl will never get to first base if she can’t wear the right shoes for running around the bases.

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