Balloon Race… Disappointing

balloonraceThe Internet Balloon Race is over and I’m not going to miss it. I never saw any sign of my blog being included. Never saw the next site for balloons to go to appear on the right hand side. Never figured out how giving other racers a boost made any difference for them or myself. Never found a way to show I had been on a site which I visited during the race.

Also, there were several bugs and glitches. A pretty long list. For one I had to keep allowing other sites to open pop up windows for my browser. Now I will go in and delete all of those settings. Several sites running some kind of script or code disabled the balloons. I could not boost my own balloon, change it’s direction or boost another racer until the balloon cleared the section of the site which had the odd code. Some sites were totally unusable in this way. Many sites had a note up that they were not available. Many sites had no content at all. Few sites seemed to be participating with a balloon racer of their own. Or maybe they were like me and had added their site but it just never happened.

So overall I would say the balloon race was disappointing. It needed to be better thought out and planned and REALLY needed a much better FAQ, with far more information than was provided. How the race worked is still a mystery to me. I did get my balloon moving along but did not really understand how or why.

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