Avoid the Daily Post Burnout

Avoid burnout.

If you want to stick to daily posts on your site you have options.

  • Write the posts a week ahead and then schedule them to appear daily.
  • Instead of writing a long post with many points divide it up. Use each point as an individual post and turn them all into a series, interlinked on your site.
  • Get help. Find someone else in your niche who would like to write but doesn’t want to do it alone, or doesn’t know HTML, etc.
  • Use borrowed content. There are many sites which offer contributed content. Read the rules at each site.
  • Write shorter posts. Go with an illustration or draw a web comic one or more days of your posting week. You’ll still be busy posting every day but the change of media could keep it from getting stale and give you fresh insights.
  • Revamp your blog layout, template or theme. Giving the site a new look makes it feel new again, or at least not the same old routine.
  • Change the format of your posts. Write in point form or make a list post once or twice a week instead of the standard paragraph form.
  • Write ahead for seasonal posts. That way you know you have at least one day off to look forward to.
  • Interviews and product reviews can be kept in a stash to be posted when you want to take a week off without notice.
  • Most people have a 5 day work week. You can take off weekends and still be considered to be posting daily. (It’s a personal choice).
  • Exchange content with another writer. Or, arrange to exchange blog babysitting so he/she writes for both blogs one week and you take on both blogs the next week.
  • Run an event. It could be a contest or something with the idea of social networking/ community building. You will need to promote it and get others involved but it also gives you something to write about each day as you talk about your idea and the progress you are making.
  • Finally, just take a week off. Announce it in your blog and give the date you will return. Try to stick to the return date unless you really do decide to abandon your site once you are away from it.


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