One Way or Another

One way or another I’ve done what I wanted for the site layout. Not exactly as I envisioned it but its done. Sometimes I can get lost in the details and use that to procrastinate from the bigger work at hand. Not 100% wanting to start on the big picture. I tried using the FSE (full style editor) with WordPress. I even liked the idea of it. But, at this stage its more work to deal with it than to go back to GeneratePress, which I’ve gotten to know and find pretty reliable. So, that’s what I did. Chalk it … Read more

It Takes Bravery to Get Old

It takes bravery to get old. Young people won’t know, or may scoff at the idea, until they get here too. If they get here, not everyone is fortunate enough to get old. Getting old means dealing with your health in new and innovative ways. You take pills and don’t really know what to expect from them. You go for tests and don’t know what they’re going to do to you. You trust people, professionals, who were in diapers and learning how to drink from a cup just a short time ago. Getting old itself. Knowing things aren’t what they … Read more

Wasting Time Looking for Useless Shortcuts

Is there something about getting older that I find myself looking for shortcuts. To make things simpler, less complicated and less trouble. Or, is it the loss of confidence, maybe bravado, from being older. I can remember being reckless (I’ve tended to caution, not a big dare devil all my life) enough to open my computer and fix it myself, things like that, in my younger years. Was it confidence or trust or that feeling of invulnerability that people say young people have. I don’t know. These days, I look for shortcuts. Maybe its the idea or feeling that I … Read more

Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Spring Barn Fashion

This is the post I wrote about clothing choices for barn wear, for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, March 2023. Thinking About… Spring Barn Fashion One thing you may not spend time really thinking about… barn fashion. But, here we are, approaching another Spring and you might need to consider fashion, or at least function. First, you might avoid open toed shoes. No matter how cute they look before you walk around in the barn. Gardeners say “keep your knees dirty” but I’d change that to, “keep your toes clean, and not itchy”. Do you wear that typical sort of … Read more

Big Cats Should Not be Bred in Little Cages

I was watching the episodes of Snow Leopards of Leafy London, about the National Cat Trust, with Dr. Terry Moore in the UK. Although its great to see someone taking in cats who have no where else to go. In the end, they are living in captivity for however long they live. Not able to have space, hunt, and live a feral life. He also breeds them. It wasn’t clear if he also lets the domestic cats breed too. The Trust takes in domestic homeless cats as well as the big cats. I hope the Trust works on some version … Read more

Why Add Hoods to Sweatshirts?

I like sweatshirts, they’re comfortable, usually warm, and easy to wash. But, why do they add hoods to them? The hoods pull down on the back and leave the back of my neck cold. I try different things, like rolling it up and pulling the string tight to keep it from dragging down my back. I’ve tried stuffing it inside down the back. But, none of these stay put well enough. I’ve read about people cutting off the hood and sewing the remains together to make a collar. This seems the best solution. I haven’t done it yet. Mostly I … Read more

Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Cars in Barns Are Barn Finds

This is the post I wrote about old cars being found in even older barns, for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, January 2023. Cars in Barns Are “Barn Finds” I like to photograph old buildings, farm houses and barns included. I’ve met a lot of people who also have an interest in old places. Not everyone is about photographing them. Some will salvage, some will vandalize. As a general rule I choose not to do either. But, there have been times I saved plants from a garden at a house long abandoned. Once, I brought back a green Pyrex mixing … Read more

A Gravestone Cleaning Kit

Of course, you could put together your own kit. Some cleaning solution, brushes, a little pick to pluck mould/ fungus out of the small places, and something to keep water in. But, it supports others if you choose to buy the kit. Also, you won’t have to look for the best cleaning solution and brushes yourself. I think you might bring along something to sit on too. Also, I’d consider an old towel or blanket to spread on the grass. Just in case the grass doesn’t like something in the soap/ cleaner you use. If you pick out the fungus … Read more

A Ghost in the Mines

There are gases in mines, does that make you a little suspicious about stories that come from miners and whatever they might see, or think they see, deep underground? Sailors and miners tend to be very superstitious people, working in risky places so deep underground or so far away floating on top of such deep water. It’s no surprise they come up with stories. Some people just like to scare each other too. See what they can get started… So do you believe everything you hear from miners, or sailors? Found on Twitter: