Attention Game Developers

My nephew and I were talking one day after school this week, we want a game that is a combination of StrongHold and Fallout. A game where the world has gone through an apocalypse and is being rebuilt. But rather than being just a basic shoot them all, we want it to include building towns, villages and be about gathering straggling civilization back into order again. We want to rebuild the world from it’s own ruins. A game where you gather resources, likely have to fight off other survivors and others who are rebuilding in their own way (possibly with a conflicting philosophy to our own).

Also, this game must be playable on the PC as well as PS3 and gaming media.

That is your challenge, game developing and designing people.

What would your ultimate game be if you were designing or developing a game of your own? A new board game, not a computer game at all? What would the rules be? Is it cutthroat or more about learning and building things?

So far the ultimate game to me has been Carmageddon.  But, I also like Stronghold, Caeaser and it’s international variations, Civilization and The Sims. Others, but I can’t think of them right now. Mostly city building type games. I like the challenge of making it all work and then, if they dare to defy me, I kill them all. (End the game, quickly and not in a nice way).

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