At Least the Bus is Warm

I should be hustling out there to spend the next half hour freezing at the bus stop. It never seems to come when I think it should. Not like the bus in Toronto either where you can count on another one being there soon if you miss the first one.

I was thinking at work last night that it is costing me almost $20 each day just to get to and from work. There are no buses to catch when I get out of work so I am catching taxis. Pretty expensive hobby this job has become. Gas for a car would cost less. I wish my brother could just pick a car and let me get started on driving to work again. He is the one buying it for me so I can pay him back for the loan. Might only take a few months as he seems to be looking at really cheapie cars. I hope not too cheap. Can’t tell with him though. He is caught between wanting to find something good for driving and wanting to find something light on the cost.

Anyway, can’t put off the bus for long. I’ve begun wearing two coats to work too. The bus waiting is cold but it is also cold all night at work. I’m getting sick from always being cold. I stopped turning the heat down here at the house just so I could be warm for some part of the day.

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