Astrology Match


“Laura, the best Zodiac Match for your personality is Virgo

Virgo, the Virgin (August 23 to September 23): This intelligent and diligent partner is just your type. Initially, a Virgo may catch your eye with their put-together look and attention to the details of your courtship. But as you get to know them better, you’re even more likely to be drawn to your Virgo’s strong convictions and practical nature. People born under this sign are typically very good with money and tend to be conservative overall when it comes to risk. In fact, most Virgos have a discerning nature that can make them seem a bit critical at times. However, they’re also almost always open to discussing the emotional side of any matter in a relationship. In the bedroom, you’ll likely find the Virgin both reserved and cautious, especially when your relationship first becomes sexual. Overall, Virgos are typically highly loyal partners and firm believers in marriage.

Last time I did this, about a year ago, my best match was Gemini (my brother’s sign). I’ve gotten to know a few Virgo men. They are kind of complicated and reserved types. I’ve gotten along with them but I don’t know if I could live with them, over many years, in and out of bed, etc. There has to be some adventure. A relationship (for me anyway) should be more blood than water.

No offense to Virgo men. You do make the best friends! I love a conversation with a good mind and once Virgo’s open up a bit they are awesome for a midnight chat about life the universe and everything.

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