I added a new ASCII picture to my ASCII art pages. It’s a little fairy. Not sure how well (clear) it turned out. But it feels good to have made something new, especially since I haven’t done a fairy before now.
Website BattlesI really need something new and more together looking for my index page of the site. I like my beige/ cream colours but the layout is really nothing. This week is a slow work week at Zellers. Tomorrow my Mom leaves, going back to Florida. Today Grace left, back to Vancouver. So, I should have more time to myself. I hope I can get my page fixed up. I’m not even sure what I want, I guess that doesn’t help. It would be really neat if I could put together all my ideas somehow. (The ASCII art text page along with the freehand drawings and nice colours). Maybe I’ll figure it all out. You never know what you might create if you let yourself.

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