As the Earring Dangles…

I thought it would be fun to write for soap operas. Now, with them tending to be cancelled, it’s not likely I will get to write for a soap. But, I can still have the fun of creating my own.

What would call your soap opera? I’m not talking about any personal soap opera you think you have going on, but one you create, as fiction.

Of course, before you can really get a name you need a plan, a background, a basic plot and some idea of who your characters will be.

So write it all… why not? It’s just for fun.

Title: As the Earring Dangles….

Characters: Maisy Mope, Daisy Dearlick, Olivia Flower, Bradford Mope, Giles Dearlick and Nigel Flower.

Plot: Three couples stranded (fashion models) on a deserted island. The show starts¬†with¬†the shipwreck. Lots of arguing about who is to blame. Then discovery of the island, the search for some kind of rescue possibility as well as food and shelter. None of them have survival training but they figure things out through trial and error. There are some small disasters and then…. they find the cave. At least they have some shelter, for awhile. In the cave they find people from another shipwreck years ago. This changes the group dynamic as the new shipwrecked models are young and cute and the old timers like what they see. At some point a lost treasure works it’s way into the story to add greed to the lust and envy already brewing around the island.

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