As the Dating Tumbles…

T: Craigslist post:

I’m looking for you… 6’3″, blue eyed, handsome they say, down to earth, kind, big hearted for the right gal, well read, well travelled, love to cook for two, like to stay active, swim, hike, mountain bike, love to read for knowledge, love to GIVE pleasure….a renaissance man with an edge….

You curvy, curvy, curvy, down to earth, kind, cuddly, older than me preferably, but not necessarily,……

Dinner and a movie?….I’ll cook….lets enjoy life together!

ME: *Sent a friendly email letter of introduction, 3 paragraphs in length*

T: HI, I’d lvoe to see a picture of you. i think we could be a match. I’ll
send you a picture when I receive yours.

ME: *Sent photo without comment*

T: Thanks Laura good luck in your search *No photo included*

ME: No problem. I had a feeling you were a dork when you didn’t send your photo first.

One of the silliest games with online dating/ personals is sending photos. I don’t care if I see a photo of someone, they are almost always a let down anyway. No one looks as perfect and charming as you build them up in your mind. So why bother, meet them first, look at them then.

On Craigslist there is a real game with photos. Men post their ad insisting they will only reply if a photo is included. I think they are catalogue shopping, see the above dork. The other thing men do is post a photo with their ad so women will click and read it but the photo they post is not of themselves. I’ve seen puppies, landscapes and endless assortments of irrelevant photos. It’s bait and switch.

Anyway, I have now decided not to read anything that doesn’t include a photo. Mainly because any guy who doesn’t post a photo along with his ad is going to be a dork, so why bother. If he just wants to play games he can play with himself, they don’t need any help with that.

I am getting burnt out on the dating thing, yet again. I don’t know what happened with John from Hamilton and (right or wrong) it is beginning to tick me off. I was making progress in forgetting him, some progress. I have yet to delete all the emails exchanged. No hurry though, right? Pathetic but that’s how it goes.

The biggest joke is that if I looked the way the men wanted I would actually be stuck with one of them by now. There’s a scarey thought. There are good things about being plus sized after all.

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